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Sales Contests, Learning
& Promotions

Motivate your sales team by challenging them to work smarter, reach higher, and move faster with micro-targeted digital sales contests, product learning & promotions

“Running gamified sales contests will bring excitement with a sense of healthy competitive spirit amongst my sales team”

“This is the time I can have my sales team brush up their product learning and communication skills as they are saving travel time and meeting prospects virtually”

“To get my sales team in active mode and achieve my sales targets. I want to set up interesting contests”

Add Digital Communication

Sales Performance
& Incentives

Utilise the power of self-selected goals, audience segmentation and all-or-nothing goal achievement model to drive incremental sales. The only patented incentive solution providing proven results in over 1,050 successful programs

“To keep my sales team on track and make them responsible for their goals. I want to give them an option for self selection of goals

“I want an incentive structure that allows me to reward my sales teams as and when they achieve their targets. Bigger the target better the rewards”

“I want to divide my annual sales target in a way my sales team doesn’t stress themselves out and still achieve the targets. Setting small quarterly targets will help”

Add Digital Communication

Plug & Play Digital Communication from a suite of 70+ Creatives, 22+ Launch & Activation Campaigns

4I Communication Framework
  • INSPIRE Celebrate a brand’s values, power of recognition, engagement & loyalty
  • INITIATE Prompt immediate ‘action’ and drive participation
  • INFORM Create awareness around your program, engagement initiatives, brand updates and more
  • INTENSIFY Amplify and sustain the engagement initiative and keep the participation going

Applied Behavioral Science | The Governing Principles
  • VIVIDNESS People remember things that are graphic or dramatic
  • SALIENCE BIAS People focus on information that is more prominent and ignore those that are less so

Reward the right behavior

Digital Marketplace

17000+ Merchandise | 1000+ Experiences |
600+ Brands | Made in India Rewards

  • Brand Merchandise
  • Onboarding Rewards
  • Work From Home Merchandise
  • Day to Day Utilities Merchandise
  • Experience Marketplace
  • Online Entertainment & Learning Rewards
  • Festive Rewards